JoJo’s Adventure

Book 2 of a Series

Joyce Nealy

Jojo loved his Family and Friends and Sparky was a special Friend and they would spend a lot of time together. But, when Jojo saw how happy Sparky was playing outside he decided that he had to take a chance and leave his comfortable cage and his Favorite snack of unsalted peanuts. He wanted to see what was on the outside of that door. Jojo was not prepared for the adventure that was about to begin.


Joyce Nealy lives on a small farm in North Carolina that has a lot of animals. She lives with her husband, Mitchell. She has a son, a daughter, and four granddaughters. Currently, she works in the hospital as a registered nurse and she loves to write children’s books.

Time in the Countryside Is Always Greener

Time in the Countryside Is Always Greener

Photo by Mike B When people asked children before where they wanted to live when they grew up, answers were alike. They want to spend time in the countryside, somewhere quiet. Perhaps, a humble home with a small farm with a wide variety of animals. But with the...

How To Overcome The Fear Of The Unknown For Your Child

How To Overcome The Fear Of The Unknown For Your Child

Photo by Pixabay We fear what we do not understand or know. It’s hard to describe the future because no one can determine that. The feeling of fear lingers in our heads, circling our lives around how to curb it. When we live in fear, it often affects our choices and...

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