Jojo loved his Family and Friends and Sparky was a special Friend and they would spend a lot of time together. But, when Jojo saw how happy Sparky was playing outside he decided that he had to take a chance and leave his comfortable cage and his Favorite snack of unsalted peanuts. He wanted to see what was on the outside of that door. Jojo was not prepared for the adventure that was about to begin.

Other Book

“New Release”

Maggie, a beautiful yellow cat has a kitten named Morris. Morris is a playful little kitten and he loves to run all around the little farm and visit all his friends. But sometimes Morris gets into a little trouble. But his Mom and his friends are always there to help him out. Even though Morris knows his way around he always stays close to his mom. On a beautiful warm sunny summer day Maggie and some of her friends were resting on the front porch when she noticed that Morris was nowhere in sight. After they looked all around the yard where Morris usually loves to play and they did not find him Maggie and her friends decided to visit all the farm animals and ask them if they know where Morris is.

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